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BOX Scientific manufactures convection based thawing platforms targeted to the life sciences.  From its founding in 2010 in San Jose California, BOX Scientific’s focus has been on procedural sample thawing as a means to maintain sample integrity, control process variability, and improve data quality in clinical applications.  Derek Donohue, owner and president is a veteran of pharmaceuticals and genomic diagnostics.  In nearly a decade on the leading edge of healthcare he foresaw a new era of clinical research where total sample management would be the new standard.  Noting the total absence of established standards around sample thawing, BOX Scientific was born. 

About Us

Innovative Laboratory Products

BOX Scientific’s ambient air convection thawing has become the new standard of the world for procedural sample thawing. From benchtop units to high capacity, automation integratable platforms, BOX Scientific’s product lineup features solutions for nearly every clinical application.  BOX Scientific products have worldwide distribution and brand recognition.  They can be found in the laboratories of every household name in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.  And they are the go-to OEM thawing solution for the world’s leading automation solution providers.   

BOX Scientific is currently headquartered in Newton, North Carolina with fulfillment operations based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Maxmize Your Quality

The literature is consistent.  Freeze thaw is a known degradant and faster thawing is the best damage control. Our thaw stations fit within all existing FDA freeze-thaw guidelines and provide you a fixed platform for procedural thawing under GMP, GLP, CLIA and more. You put a lot of effort into process and environmental controls. Now you can shorten your thaw intervals while assuring consistent sample and reagent inputs.*

Protect Your Investment

Our thaw systems help maintain throughput without putting delicate samples or expensive reagents at risk. They’re priced to fit your consumables budget and offer great ROI.

Increase Your efficiency

Laboratory automation is providing ever increasing efficiency gains. Why lose time waiting for samples to thaw on a bench or in a ‘hotdog-water’ bath?  Our thaw systems are fast, maintenance free and designed to fit most automation and liquid handling labware from 1-50ml.

More efficiency, less complication.

why box scientific

A Commitment to Excellence

At Box Scientific, we make a no-compromise commitment to ensuring that all products perform at the highest level of performance.

All units are ISO Certified. We also maintain active CE binders for all units with some 300 pages of compliance and safety verifications and/or failure testing for every component of every unit.

Once the units are assembled, they get 100% inspection on each unit at 3 different gates.   Manufacturing does 100% functional testing on each unit prior to release.  We then do 100% inspection on each product.  This includes physical inspection, fitment of all accessories and functional testing.  We then pack out the box with all accessories, then go back and do a 100% shipping inspection on each completed package.  The packages are then checked one more time by our shipping staff before any shipment goes out the door.  

Our testing and inspection practices are perhaps the most robust in the industry.  Nothing goes out our door that hasn’t been inspected 3 times. We are proud  that this is our 10th year without a single defect. 

All Box Scientific products are proudly made right here in the USA under GMP guidelines.

ISO 9001 Certified


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