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With 600W Integrated Heating System
Welcome to the New Paradigm
Our new Heliport is now available as the
OEM thawing solution on the SampleStore
3 from Brooks Automation!
* Brooks Automation and the SampleStore name are registered trademarks of
Brooks Life Sciences Corp.
A Heliport is a Heliport.  So this model features the same
custom-configurable layouts, SBS plate cradles, and
automation integration capabilities of its predecessor.
So what do you do after you design and build the biggest,
fastest, most advanced thawing solution in the world?  You
make it even better of course.  

This is the story of our newest Heliport offering.  While
Heliport's capabilities have left our customers wanting for
nothing, large molecule compounds and high melt temp
carriers like DMSO still suffered from long thaw times under
ambient conditions.  So we gave the Heliport an assist in the
form of a 600W PTC heating system.  This heating system
combined with 7 upgraded fans running at 220V deliver six
liters per minute of 30C air at a speed of two meters per
second. The result is thawing speeds never before possible
for this class of
reagents.  All made better by the uniformity
and reproducibility that make BOX Scientific the new
standard of the world.
Our PTC heating system maintains temperature via an internal
substrate that increases its electrical resistance as temperature
increases.  This technology is the safest heating technology available
and maintains a fixed temperature with greater accuracy than
conventional thermostatting.
Simpler is better.  Heliport delivers consistent,
uniform thawing with the flip of a switch.  No
knobs, dials or tweaking of controls required.
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