Painstaking Design, Uprecedented Results
At the heart of the Station One is our
exclusive A.I.R. System.  Dual fans pull
in ambient air.  Airflow is divided then
diverted upwards by dual baffles.  
Biased angles of incidence on the front
and rear baffles assure even airflow at
the working surface.  Surface airflow self
adjusts to the size of the job.  All with
minimal operating noise.
Our chamber wrapper encloses the A.I.R.
System and houses the fan controls. It also
creates a cavity for keeping wiring and
electronics clear of the air stream and out
of the way of drips and spills. Its durable
powder coated steel is immune to all but
the worst abuse.
Our honeycomb thawing surface allows
optimum airflow, making short work of
any thawing job from 1536 well plates to
50ml tubes.  Mounting pins keep plates
and racks in place.  Accessory tube
racks can mount on the pins to thaw and
equilibrate larger tubes.  Pin positioning
leaves  clearance for robotic arms
making your Station One easily
integratable with your automation
instruments and labware.
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Designed to look great and fit most standard size labware from 1 - 50 ml,
our sturdy nickel plated steel accessory racks stand freely on your bench
then attach easily to the Station One unit.
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